Robert Jones - Guitarist & Composer
Robert Jones is a professional guitarist with over
30 years experience in performing, composing,
and teaching guitar and other instruments. A
successful song writer and rocker in the 80's, he
was with several bands, including The Storm and
The Void. His credits include dozens of songs,
along with an EP and Album / CD Release (The
Storm).After many years playing rock and roll, he
turned his attention and efforts to a form of guitar
that had always fascinated him...Classical Guitar.

The combination of melody, harmony, and rich
tones, emanating from a single instrument and
performer, was something he had to immerse
himself into. He quickly became known as a
talented classical guitarist. After studying the
instrument for many years, he has returned to
performing and writing, but for the
classical guitar.

After a successful debut Classical Guitar Duet CD,
"Guitaromaine", performing famous duets,
Robert's new CD
"Vignettes" has been released
and he now performs at
weddings, shows,
, and festivals.

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